Our Story

You could say that SeeLife began over twenty years ago when Erika and Scott Woodrum were fortunate enough to have be exposed to biofeedback at a young age. Scott was a very fidgety kid in 1st grade (yes, even more than most). He was having difficulty staying calm in class and was getting disciplined nearly everyday for causing disruptions — even though he couldn’t  help but not sit still. A couple of years later his sister, Erika, was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. She suffered from chronic headaches because one of her tics caused aggressive head jerks. It was recommended to their parents to try biofeedback to learn to control their overactive brain waves. Although it was exceptionally boring (description to come shortly) they were both successful in their practice because they were driven by self-motivation to overcome stressful obstacles.

 As Scott and Erika got older they began to realize how rare it was them to have gone through biofeedback. The rarity of their situation was no surprise to them however, because, well, did we mention how boring it was? They both remember struggling to stay awake 20 minutes into every session. Let us set the table for you — you’re in a dark room, watching your brainwaves (or heart rate) fluctuate on a monitor, and the only noise is a steady beep coming from the computer for 30-45 minutes. As a kid it was painful, however the results were hard to ignore. They often thought about how many other people could have benefited like they did early in life.

Erika went on to study biomedical art and game design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She quickly realized what had to be done in order for more kids to experience the benefits of biofeedback — it needed to be gamified! She took it upon herself to design the early concept for her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts thesis project. She collaborated with game designers from Unity, child psychologists, and several professors to design SeeLife.

After graduation, she continued work in Cleveland as a Medical Illustrator for the Cleveland FES Center. There she became fast friends with a biomedical engineering graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, Swarna Solanki. She grew up in a family that regularly practiced meditation so she took interest when Erika talked about her design that could potentially teach all kids heart rate control. Erika would excitedly jump into conversation about the benefits and possibilities and one day sighed, “if only this was technically easy to program.” Swarna replied with a confused look, “Erm, that’s not hard.. The hard part is the design.” You can see where this is headed.

With Erika’s talent in art and game design, Swarna‘s brilliant technical skills, and Scott’s unique perspective on sales and marketing, they formed SeeLife.




Erika Woodrum


Swarna Solanki, MS

Director of Technical Operations

Scott Woodrum

Director of Sales and Marketing

7 years of experience in biomedical art and educational game design.  Personal experience using biofeedback therapy.

10 years of experience in biomedical engineering research. 10+ years experience in education. Former consultant for McKinsey & Co.

10 years of experience coaching young children. 2 years of sales & marketing and data management. Personal experience using biofeedback therapy.